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Short Company Blurb

Octopus Mercantile is an AppCommerce company based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Long Company Blurb

Octopus Mercantile helps fast growing eCommerce companies conquer mobile. In addition to conducting original and survey based App Commerce Research, it uses it's best-of-breed app commerce components to rapidly bring to market custom designed eCommerce apps that outperform mobile websites in terms of conversion rate and average purchase size. Founded by Dr Einar Vollset in 2016, Ocotopus Mercantile is based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Short Founder Bio

Dr Vollset is a leading app commerce strategist, a serial entrepreneur and former Ivy League professor

Long Founder Bio

Einar Vollset is the founder of Octopus Mercantile. Prior to founding Octopus he co-founded ReMail, an iPhone company funded by YCombinator and acquired by Google, bootstrapped and sold AppAftercare (a mobile app maintenance company) and was a professor of computer science at Cornell University.


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