Boost Revenues. No Risk, No Lock-In

A mobile responsive eCommerce website is not enough. A native app improves conversions by as much as 120%. See how easily your company can get one:

Don't leave money on the table

Native eCommerce Apps Outperform Web

You've seen it in your own analytics. 50% (and growing!) of your traffic is from smartphones, but they convert at half the rate your desktop visitors do.

Clearly this isn't getting any better. Clearly just having a "responsive website" isn't cutting it.

Conversion Rates for Retailers. It's not just you.
Source: Criteo's Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report
App Development Is Expensive

Your Business is eCommerce, not software development

You didn't build your own web eCommerce solution from scratch, so why would you want to do that for app commerce?

A custom app easily costs well into the 6 figures, even before you consider maintenance or optimization. So what to do?

Introducing the Octopus Mercantile Platform

Get Your Own App. No Development. No Maintenance.

  1. We custom design your iOS and Android ecommerce app using your branding.
  2. We assemble our best of breed app commerce components to power your apps
  3. We connect your Android and iOS Apps to your existing eCommerce backend
  4. We help You market your app to your existing and new customers
  5. We manage & optimize your apps for increased conversion and purchase size.

Why Us

We Are Data Driven

We believe the right decisions about how to build the most effective eCommerce app are made based on data, not gut feeling. That's why we conduct our own original and survey based research.

Human Touch

Adding another eCommerce channel is not trivial.

That's why each customer gets their own App Manager.

Cindy Smith, App Manager @ Octopus

We support most eCommerce platforms. Email us to find out more.

Simple & No Lock-in

Cover All The Major Mobile Platforms Without Swapping eCommerce Provider.

iOS & Android. Both major app platforms supported.

Simple. Remain with your existing eCommerce solution.

Fast. Our platform ensures we can get to market quickly.

Risk Free

Our Success Is Predicated On Yours

We believe we should only get paid if your app is successful. That's why we work on a 100% revenue share basis. It's only fair - we get paid when your business grows.